JBL Micro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Finding the best portable bluetooth speaker can be a challenge, especially since the market is so crowded. With players ranging from $20 to $300, it’s hard to find that sweet spot between value and quality. The JBL Micro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker falls in the medium price range, but promises  the same quality of speakers that cost many times more. Does it deliver?



We love the design of the JBL Micro Wireless. It’s best described as a hockey puck with a tiny handle. Sitting on your desk, it looks attractive yet unassuming, with a big speaker grill taking up the entire top. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible on the side. There is also a neat slot at the bottom to stow the 3.5 mm cable, which shows just how much thought the designers put into both the form and function of the product.


The sound did not disappoint. Indeed, the JBL delivers on its promise of sound far exceeding the sticker price. For once, we were not let down by the amount of bass or the clarity of the speakers. There is no trace of “tinnyness” that you get with other similar sized portable bluetooth speakers. The sound would have been perfect for the price range if the volume was somewhat louder. There’s also a novel feature that allows you to chain several units together for better sound. Overall, JBL certainly delivered on sound.

Battery life

The standard battery life on these smaller speakers is about five hours, and we’d say that’s a fair estimate for the JBL Micro Wireless. Some speakers, like the Oontz Angle, get double that and cost a bit less. While five hours is not terrible, if you use the speaker a lot, you’re going to want to keep it plugged in. The unit recharges quickly so it’s not such a big deal, but for the price, we’d like better battery life.


Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Deep bass

+ Clear sound

+ Attractive design

- Average battery life


“Probably the best value for sound that you can get, and an attractive design to boot. Look elsewhere for battery life. ” 4/5